SK-II on Zalora??



Omg last weekend was hectic with my sister’s wedding and everything came up at the same time, oh by that I mean -problems- serious ones….jeezzz

But whatever it is, I still wanna wish my litle sister semoga berbahagia Acik!! Be good, be happy and enjoy your life with him and cepat-cepatlah dapat anak ye. Aku nak anak buah baru, anak-anak Along semua dah besar tak seronok dah nak ajak main petang-petang dekat taman macam dulu. kahkah

Sibuk pun sibuk juga tapi aktiviti shopping tetap berjalan. but this time I made good choice by choosing to go and shopped online at Zalora Malaysia.  I just liked their facebook page. Seriously  I didnt know  they have one, however I have been following them on Instagram since last year.

I saw they posted about SK-II is making a debut soon on Zalora. Wow that is cool but I have the price would be at least slightly cheaper. Harap je lah kan. Kalau dapat murah sikit daripada beli kat luar sure why not beli aje dengan diorang. 🙂



So what do you think? hurmmm



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