Personal Review or Opinion on Zalora :)

I had shopped at Zalora before and I dunno what to say when I see all the bad comments. It’s more like I am speechless. Well my experience with them is not bad, in fact I enjoyed it.

Since I had read so many negative comments, I wanted to test it out again, and my test for Zalora is they pass my test.
I didn’t face any late delivery and wrong products and poor customer service.

I bought a pair of floral design dress, and shorts and some simple belts, and I received it today which is pretty fast. (i ordered it on saturday)

They passed my test. Hmm, I would suggest you to not judge the book by it’s cover. Experience it by urself. Testing it out would be the best. Though, many bad comments, but I still love to shop there 🙂
I like their product too much and I think I ll still like their product. 🙂


One thought on “Personal Review or Opinion on Zalora :)

  1. that was fast,i’ve read so many negative comment abt zalora service, i’ve ordered shoes from them on thursday and now still waiting for my parcel to arrive,i’ve been so worried thinking abt all the negative comment and if it happen that im gonna receive my stuff late and so on haha,and did they give u tracking number? *first time buying from zalora 😀

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