First online experience: Nichii from Zalora

My very first experience in online shopping. I bought Nichii from their website. Nichii has a few latest trend with unique design.

I wanted that knee-length formal skirt, so I quickly click the buy it button. My heart was beating so fast and I was kind of nervous because it was my first time. The procedure went well, and I needed to wait for at least 2 days for the delivery.The waiting part was terrible because I was nervous because there is a possibility the order might reach late (base on the rumors I read in Google).

But I felt relieve when they arrived at my home safe and sound,and JIT!

What I want is inside that orange box with Zalora word on it. Opening it made me nervous but I did it anyway, and yesh! I get my knee length skirt from Nichi. It was really great. My order was perfect. I mean in a perfect condition and I’m happy about it. Really happy. Hey blogger or visitor, check out their latest Nichii fashion by clicking here.


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