Holiday trip!

Last weekend, my family and my cousin family went to Penang for a holiday trip. It was a 3 days 2 nights trip, from Friday till Sunday. We visited a few places, and one of the interesting places for me is the toy museum at Penang there. We visited this place on the second day.

Cousin with the iron man and superman.. lol

The inside of toy museum

They toy museum is located at tanjung bungah, georgetown, penang. We were lucky to come early in the morning, because as times goes, that place was getting crowded. Thanks goodness we didn’t spend much time there as well.

Then, another interesting place is the beach, Batu Ferringhi beach. We have a family picnic, Mom bought some snacks from supermarket and cooked food on the morning before going for the picnic.

Half of the family with the snacks

Mom use the extremely big big bag (specially for picnic I guess) that she had bought from zalora a couple of months ago. What a woman! lol. My youngest cousin was surprise with the bag size because that bag can fit him.. wtf! lol…

Well that’s what interesting from the trip.. Hope next time, can go outside of the country…


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