Best Friend Birthday

Today is my best friend birthday. She is actually an old friend as well… We knew each other since we were seven years old. It’s really long, she is 24 years old this year. I am going to watch movie with her tonight, together at her house. Well nothing much to do, because she is not feeling that well. But it’s okay. As long as I can celebrate with her it’s good enough.

For her 24th birthday, I don’t really know what I should gave her as birthday present. We both have grown up and we have this mature thinking about presents. We want it to be a special and memorable one. not just ordinary gift. As long as it is handmade by the person who made it, we considered it as special. That is how we think now.

I made her a bracelet. I’m not really good at this, but I want to make something using my hand to give it to her. Something that she likes. She likes to collect bracelet, so I’m giving this to her. Kind of nervous giving this to her. Hope she likes it.



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